Solo: A Star Wars Story is not a great movie. I was a tad disappointed, mainly because the one thing I found most interesting about Han Solo’s past was the one thing they didn’t show anything about… Han Solo trained to be a tie fighter pilot! FOR THE EMPIRE!!! Pardon me, but that concept seems far more interesting than the convoluted mess we got. It’s what I was hoping we’d get a lot of from the film that we got none of. But finally, Entertainment Weekly gives us a little deleted scene that shows exactly what I wanted. Check it out.

This scene isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. Never mind the temp CGI, you have a good space sequence, Han actually showing us he’s a great pilot, hints to a larger Imperial action against rebels (that would have been cool to see but whatever), solid world building, and Han getting court martial and kicked out of the Imperial Navy. Not only that, but the transition from this scene to the planet side battle is waaaaaaaaay better than in the film.

Look, I’m all for a tight movie, but Solo: A Star Wars Story came in at a hard 2hours and 15minutes… what’s another two minutes?! And if that is an issue, you’re telling me you couldn’t have shaved off any time from the slog of an opening on Corellia or the hang-out session on Savareen?!

I’m not saying this scene would have made the movie better, but it would have made the movie better.

Oh yeah, The movie in all it’s various DVD and Blu-Ray forms drops Sept. 25.

Wait a minute, you guys… Han Solo is on Blue-Ray, Ray as in Rey… HAN SOLO IS REYS DAD! IT’S CONFIRMED!!!