According to THR, Henry Cavill will not be reprising his role as the famous Kryptonian. This is unconfirmed by either Warner Bros. or Cavill.

Seems after there were issues (scheduling and such) getting the “Big Blue Boy Scout” to do a cameo in the upcoming “SHAZAM” film, that’s probably when the strings on the cape started to unfurl. Also there are talks over at the WB lot about shifting focus to SUPERGIRL in the future. How will this affect the current state of the DCEU?

Were there any signs of this coming? Let’s review

A few months ago our own Hashtag Joe interviewed Cavill for MI:Fallout. During the interview when asked if there will be a Man of Steel 2, Cavill did detract his eyes from our intrepid interviewer and said the next Superman film would be between “2019 to 2045.”

Secondly with Cavill taking the role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s upcoming “The Witcher” Series. How would he have time to film another Superman film? We also have to take into consideration if Affleck is going to be Batffleck in a Bat-Flick.

All things considered with the idea of a “soft reboot” on the horizon for the DCEU maybe pushing aside the big brooding bad boys isn’t a bad idea? Maybe they can go off and save Martha off screen indefinitely while the Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Flash pick up where they left off.

We’re not saying Henry Cavill did a poor job in the least as Superman, but with what he was given, but maybe it’s the right time to hang up the “S” and let’s “HOPE” the DCEU will do fine without him.

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