With a sexy main cover, Boom Studios has released images from the upcoming GO GO POWER RANGER #13 due to hit your LCS in October. This being the first issue after The Shattered Grid story we get to see the ripples starting to form, form the huge rock thrown into our ranger pool as the team tries to get back to thier normal lives.

Variant Cover

We’re going to delve into Zack’s past and get some more insight to his character and check out his impressive dodgeball skills. Up on the moon Rita is starting a plan of her own with a certain Green Power Coin. So we are starting to lay the groundwork for Tommy in the GO GO universe.


A fan favorite joins the cast of brutal baddies in the form of the insatiable Pudgy Pig. He looks terrifying as opposed to his two decade old costume back in season 1. Looks like were going to need to form the Power Blaster to take him down, after its gets regurgitated.

Who’s Hungry?


Off the page

This is going to be the first outing for Eleonora Carlini who replaced Dan Mora after his run with Go Go Power Rangers #12. Who’s teaming up with writer Ryan Parrott.

”The events of Shattered Grid took full advantage of the comic book medium to tell an epic Power Rangers story of unparalleled scale and scope,” says Brian Casentini, SVP of Power Rangers Franchise Development & Production. “And with that, has come an incredible, unique opportunity for Hasbro, Boom Studios and the fantastic team of Marguerite Bennett and Simone Di Meo to continue to explore and deepen our mythology and bring entirely new worlds to life. The upcoming stories in both Beyond the Grid and Ryan’s forthcoming arc in Go Go will continue to deliver the amazing storytelling our audience has come to appreciate from Power Rangers comics.”

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