Immediate Cancelation

In a world where Star Wars games seem to be rare occurrences, it appears we get to keep on waiting.  The only game coming down the pike has been cancelled.  Star Wars: Rivals was meant to be a shooter style game not too different from the battlefront games.  It saw limited release in Australia and New Zealand, but had not even made beta level here in the states.

No word was given why the game was suddenly cancelled.  Those that have it will have until October 11 to continue playing it, but after that it will be pulled.  Disney has said those that have spent money on the game will not receive any refunds.  Money spent seems to be money lost.

See the source imageI was looking forward to Rivals.  I thought it looked like fun and would be at the very least, a new Star Wars game to play with for awhile.  Perhaps its sudden shut down has to do with its almost EA/Battlefront 2 similarities.  Back in July of 2017, Android Police said its a “free-to-play corridor shooter rifle with poor controls, repetitive levels, and loot crates that are explicitly tied to plenty of in-app purchases.”  Sounds like the game was free to play, but pay-to-play if you wanted to ever surpass a certain quality of play.

This sounds much like the style EA was ripped for when Battlefront 2 was released.  Whether it was this or an inability to change the game up from level to level or improve controls, we will never know.  Players may be upset that they will not receive refunds, but I would not expect any company to do that unless some prepay was in effect for a set not yet released.  It’s why I am very careful about the money I give these games.  When they get cancelled, you are left with nothing.

One of the things I have called upon Disney to improve is to start turning out games of all types.  They can be board games, computer games, console games.  I do not care, but Disney’s inability to churn out any type of games outside of a couple phone games and the random Monopoly games is mind boggling.

Endless Game Problems

The monopoly game had issues because Rey was not included so it was sexist and had to be redone.  Battlefront was great for the initial release, but players quickly bored with the repetitiveness of the game and the lack of campaign mode.  In fairness they were trying to match The Force Awakens release date.  Either way it left fans unhappy.

Battlefront 2 comes out and delivers on most of what the fans had wanted.  The problem this time is the crate system and the general need to spend money to really be able to advance at all and get better loot crates.  This led to a complete repeal and overhaul of the crate system and a redo of how ability cards worked.

The one true bright spot seems to be on the phone systems where they released Galaxy of Heroes, one of the better free-to-play phone games.  Despite that one bright spot they have several others that have not done as well.

Disney is having real issues getting these games out.  There have been no less than three games meant for consoles that have been cancelled with no real reason why.  For some reason Disney keeps second guessing their games and it is really hurting their merchandising abilities.  I don’t know if they need some sort of game director or just need to get their heads out of their rear ends.  They need to get Star Wars games moving at full speed!