POWER RANGERS: Details For The Rest Of The Super Ninja Steel Episodes Have Been Announced


Super Ninja steel is finally back on the air, and details are coming in for the rest of the episodes for the season. We so far have a few titles that have been released along with the rest of the descriptions for the untitled episodes, which you can read below:

Episode 14 – Sheriff Skyfire 
Airdate: September 22
Madame Odius calls on Sheriff Skyfire to arrest the Power Rangers.

Episode 15 – Tech Support
Airdate: September 29
The evil Typeface attempts to render the Power Rangers’ weapons useless by means of a computer virus.

Episode 16 – Car Trouble 
Airdate: October 6
The Rangers must combat a new monster who steals electricity from cars to charge the city.

Episode 17 – Happy to Be Me 
Airdate: October 13
One of Madame Odius’ monsters seizes a Ninja Power Star and attempts to steal Levi’s voice to unlock its power.

Episode 18 – Magic Misfire
Airdate: October 27
A robot named Tynamon kidnaps Mick, allowing Madame Odius to launch her diabolical final plan.

Episode 19 – Doom Signal 
Airdate: November 3
Madame Odius hosts auditions for a new Galaxy Warriors TV show that will manipulate the minds of its audience worldwide.

Episode 20 – Reaching The Nexus 
Airdate: November 10
After merging with the Ninja Nexus Prism, Madame Odius reaches her ultimate form, and presents the Rangers with their final test.

Halloween Special – Monster Mix Up
Airdate: October 20
Halloween comes to life as the Power Rangers must fend off Dracula.

Christmas Special – The Poisy Show 
Airdate: December 1
The Rangers look to celebrate Christmas but find their holiday cheer rudely interrupted.