Netflix and Marvel have released the first preview for season 3 of Daredevil, and it looks like Matt Murdock is coming back to fight some more evil. Now, the small teaser trailer didn’t reveal when the series was coming back, but the Netflix Thailand Twitter account might have revealed when the series is possibly returning to Netflix.

The tweet was deleted, but thanks to Reddit, fans are still able to see what the tweet says:

Daredevil season3 release date, leaked accidentally by Netflix Thailand account from Defenders

If you can’t read what the tweet says, translated out it reads “October 19th, see you then.” Now, this seems like it could be accurate, since the embargo for reviews gets lifted on October 12th. For it to be streaming a week later seems like it could be accurate. No statement from Marvel has been released about the premiere date for Daredevil, but hopefully, it does end up airing next month.