I lost my first game. So, now what? Like other great losers, I took a breath, steeled my jaw, shook hands, and said “good game.” Then I went into my room, closed the door and cried and wailed on my pillow till the shame was gone. It’s never gone.

I was up against the Red Ranger, he was predicted to win by an inch, but instead won by a mile. It was a semi-tight game for a while, but in the end, the better player won. I looked over my players both on and off the bench; I even double-checked the waiver- there was nothing I could have done, other than draft better.

He took an early lead on Thursday and held it, about 62 to 80. Throughout the weekend, his players consistently scored more than me, not by much, but enough to maintain the lead. Although he only was ahead by 20 points, it was enough to keep me biting at the bit, checking my app every 30min, and keeping me hoping. Like Superman, that hope kept me glued to my phone screen and annoying everyone around me with “football talk”.  Something I never thought I would ever do. In the end it came down to Sunday, all his players had played, I still had my Wide Receiver and a Running Back to go… and they did well for me, but not well enough.

It was so easy to be sucked in when I had a stake in the game, even though I wasn’t watching the game itself, just the players on my roster. But I loved it and I’m excited for the next game, but I lost this one. I must accept that and move on… to the next battle. My opponent and I are pretty evenly matched, so this should be a good game. I will call him IG-88 because he could be a great threat, but at the same time, could also just be held up by strings. This time, I’m predicted to win by a hair, but you know what they about football, “Anything can happen on the grid-iron when you have a ball made out of a foot.”