Han Solo has never been so cool

Have you always wanted to know what it felt like to be Han Solo frozen in Carbonite? Well now you have your chance thanks to the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite inflatable costume from Rubies. You might not be frozen in real life, but you will be the coolest one at the party.

Han Solo Frozen


This costume is an Adult one size fits all. It comes with a battery-operated fan to blow up and freeze the carbonite. This fan can hook to your pocket or waist. It also has a carbonite Han Solo mask to give you that surprised look. A pair of gloves comes with this costume as well, to give you the complete frozen look.

Han Solo Frozen

Be the life of the party.

The great thing about this costume is that you will still be able to move around and enjoy the party. That is good because you never know when your Leia will show to unfreeze you. Thermal detonators don’t come cheap these days.


If you want this Han Solo costume you better hurry to get it by Halloween. You can Pre-order if for $59.99 at Entertainment Earth or Amazon for $65.26 and up. All dates have a Late September shipping time frame.

Han Solo Frozen

So, make sure you grab Boba Fett, Lando and Leia and go be the life of the party. Just be careful that someone doesn’t want to grab you to tie their room together. So what Star Wars character are you going as for Halloween or even Celebration? Let us know by leaving your messages and pictures in the comment section. You can also hit me up at Twitter @starwarsnerd574 and make sure to leave #thathashtagshow in the comment. Also, if you are going to Celebration look for me in this costume and say hi. That’s right, that is me in the picture above.