There Is A Pixar And Star Wars Mashup Art Piece And It Looks So Amazing


Fan art for all of the Disney IPs always looks amazing. But there is one piece of fan art that was recently released, and it looks so spectacular.

Instagram artist markchilcottart made this awesome art piece titled “Pixar Wars” and it takes some of the coolest Pixar characters and turns them into iconic Star Wars characters.

2 characters, in particular, Mike and Sulley, look amazing as Chewie and Yoda. I really love the fact that Sulley is Chewie. If you have seen Monsters Inc, then you know when Sulley and Mike are taking care of Boo, Sulley just turns into a big cuddly bear around her. And that’s essentially what Chewie is. As for Mike as Yoda, it works. Mike is the voice of reason, and that is essentially Yoda is in the Star Wars movies.

But, regardless, this artwork is amazing. And I’m actually surprised that there isn’t more artwork like this, combining both Star Wars and another Disney property.

Source: io9