Bea Arthur

Funko is wasting no time this year when it comes to Christmas. No, we are not going to get a Bea Arthur and crew Star Wars Holiday Special Funko Pop! set. I know, I’m just as disappointed as you all are. But Funko did announce this week that we will be getting a set of six Pop! Star Wars: Holiday figures that includes a Chase figure. With this Funko fall release we will see five familiar characters from the Original Trilogy.

Funko is really going festive with this release. They have gone with a Red and Green color scheme on the boxes. Funko has also made the characters on the box match the decorated Pop! figure inside. So, get ready to stuff your stockings with these great Pop! figures.

Funko Star Wars 2Funko Yoda

We will start off with the two droids that we all know and love. C-3PO and R2-D2 are all decorated for the party. C-3PO is in a Santa suite holding a fake beard. While R2-D2 is ready to lead Santa’s, sleigh dressed as a reindeer.

The next two Funko Pop! figures are Jedi Master Yoda and his long-time friend Chewbacca. In this set Yoda is also dressed in a Santa outfit but he comes baring gifts. Chewie on the other hand seems to be having issues decorating the tree as he has lights wrapped all around him.

Last but not least we get our Sith that might steal Christmas, Darth Vader. Vader makes his appearance holding a candy cane. But thats not all, we also get a Funko Pop! Chase Darth Vader with a glow in dark candy cane. I mean you can never have too much Darth Vader, right?

Funko Vader with Chase

So, get that fire going and get those stockings ready. Just be careful standing under the mistletoe when Chewie is around things can get hairy. This set is up for pre-order already on some sites. TRG Toys & Collectibles, Entertainment Earth and Big Apple Collectibles to name a few. What is your favorite Funko Pop! from this set? Let us know by leaving a comment or hitting me up on Twitter @starwarsnerd574. Make sure to us #thathashtagshow in your tweet.