Hulu’s Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars fans will not quit.  In August, Hulu announced they were reviving the cult-classic television drama for a new 8-episode season.  Here’s what we know about the upcoming season.

Photo by Ron Jaffe/Warner Bros.

The Spring Break Killer

Earlier this week, That Hashtag Show broke the news on new characters coming to Neptune.  Based on that information, here’s what’s coming up.  Neptune is a Spring Break destination.  Unfortunately, some one is killing the Spring Breakers.  While Neptune now has tough Sheriff Marcia Langdon watching over the town, she might need some help.  Especially since the ambitious sheriff is eyeing a bigger and better job in LA County.

Veronica Mars steps up to hunt down the murderer.  She thinks the killings are connected to Aliyah Gwinn’s popular nightclub.  It’s a popular spot for Spring Breakers and Aliyah is a sexy but cynical club owner with a mystery.

The Mexican Mob

The next plot is a pair of Mexican cartel hitmen arriving in Neptune, Alonzo Lozano and Dodie Mendoza.  They are sent to find and kill the person who killed their boss’s wife’s nephew.  Alonzo finds love in the beach town and starts to rethink his career.  Meanwhile, Dodie is looking forward to retirement and is annoyed Alonzo is not staying focused on the job.

A Son Attacked

Finally, Mohd and Lola Al-Thani are a pair of wealthy parents who are looking into an attack on their son.  While highly educated, the Al-Thani’s also believe money can solve any problem.  They hire Mars Investigations to find the person responsible for disfiguring him.  However, the Al-Thani’s secretly think the attack was really a message meant for Mohd Al-Thani.

Suspicious Individuals

Some people to consider as suspects are Harvey Moon and Clyde Prickett.  Harvey seems to be an unlucky, but easygoing pizza delivery guy.  But Harvey is also willing take any fame he can get.  Is fame enough to drive him to murder?

Clyde Prickett is an ex-con that protected rich real estate developer Big Dick Casablancas in prison.  Now, he is Big Dick’s fixer. But in reality, he is cleverer and more dangerous than his boss. With a network of ex-cons to do his dirty work, could he be the man behind Al-Thani attack?

Production of Veronica Mars is scheduled to go from October 2018 to March 2019 in Los Angeles.  The show will stream exclusively on Hulu.