A group of five friends go into the woods to bury a time capsule only to find a bunker with their names on it in The Bunker Vol. 1.

In the bunker they find boxes with newspapers, photos and random trash.  However, they also find letters addressed to them. As they read the letters they are apparently written by their future selves.  Each letter talks about the future and what role they have in its downfall. One friend accidentally creates an infection which will kill 5.5 billion people.

These letters were written to have the friends change some things in the past so the future will not be so bad.  However, some things must happen and they may include letting a lot of people die.

Each friend reads their letter and must come to terms with old secrets they keep hidden and new secrets for events which have not occurred yet.  They must also come to terms with the people they have become and the unexpected relationships they develop.

The Bunker Vol. 1 was written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Joe Infurnari.  Oni Press published the volume in 2014.

The premise for this story is really cool. As I was writing it up I couldn’t help but think about how cool that sounds.  However, this comic is a mess for about the first 75 percent of the volume.

We are introduced to to five characters right away and it is overwhelming.  There was zero easing into who each character is. Also we don’t get a whole character introduction and then a new character introduction.  It is a little about person 1 then person 2 and then back to person 1 and finally person 3. It happens so fast it is really hard to keep track of who is who.

Also just to make it even harder the art is so scratchy in the beginning I can’t see any clear details to focus on to tell visually see who is who.  However, the art does eventually clear up but it was a really bad choice to be so scratchy at the start.

I was really confused by the story too.  The future selves tell them a lot of bad things they will do, but say you must do them anyway.  However, if they are going to do something bad then don’t tell them. If they tell them then they give them the choice not to make the decision and kill the future.  If it was going to happen without them knowing about the event then I don’t get why they have to tell them.

This volume has a lot of twists and turns and normally that would be a good thing, but not when they twists make no sense.  When the volume ended I was just as in the dark as when it started. However, the worst part is I don’t care to have those questions answered.

I think this is the worst comic I’ve read in a long time.  Maybe the following volumes get really good, I’ll never know because I won’t be reading any of those.