[Warning: Spoilers for stuff and such.] Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jon Kasdan recently tweeted out a slew of behind the scenes secrets regarding the film. Among them was his regret for underutilizing actress Thandie Newton in the role of Val. Kasdan lamented “…Thandie is so compelling to watch that the death of her character feels a little like a cheat.” The incredibly talented actress is currently starring in HBO’s Westworld, where she can showcase her acting prowess. Nevertheless, we got to see very little of her in Solo, which begs the question: What other Star Wars actors were wasted in their roles?


Star Wars Actors

Photo: John B. Johnson/HBO

One needs only watch few episodes of Westworld to realize what Newton could have brought to the Star Wars table. Able to convey a broad spectrum of character depth and emotion, she never got the chance in Solo. Sadly, this is isn’t the first time directors have underutilized their Star Wars actors. Here are four others that could, or should have had much larger roles.