Venom On Course For A Record-Breaking Opening Weekend


Sony’s Venom is currently on track for a $65 million opening when it debuts in theaters on October 5.

Deadline reported that the most recent box office estimates have Venom making anywhere between $60-$70 million which would resolutely shatter the current October opening weekend record which is held by Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity starring Sandra Bullock which made $55.8 million over its first weekend.

Granted, a lot could happen between now and October 5 to affect the actual box office numbers, especially once initial reviews and buzz starts rolling in, but the fact that Venom is a blockbuster comic book film opening in the fall is very promising for its bottom line.

Most event films that open in the fall tend to be dramas such as A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga which opens the same October weekend. However, the competition could work in Venom’s favor since a supervillain action film could not be more antithetical to the Cooper-directed musical drama and is the obvious alternative to the awards-season contender.

This will be Sony’s first outing into a Spider-verse that has nothing to do with the titular friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Sony still owns the film rights to Peter Parker/Spider-Man but have effectively handed over the spider-reins to Marvel who have fully and successfully integrated him into their Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony hopes that Venom will be the film that establishes their own cinematic universe that they’ll be able to populate with other characters that fall under the Spider-Man stable.