With all of the new movies since Disney has started, one thing holds true. We have lost a lot of great characters on both sides. Given the pace these movies are setting most have died before we had a chance to really know them. Here are the Top 6 characters I would like to see resurrected and used again or used in prequel materials so that we could learn more about them and share in more of their adventures.

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#6 Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo – Admiral Holdo is someone I would very much like to hear more about as she lived through the galactic civil war, the era afterwards and her journey to The Last Jedi. If all you know of Holdo is from the movie, then you are truly missing out. She is a lot like Phasma in that to truly know this character, you have to have read the book, in this case, Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray. Young Amilyn comes across like a hippy straight out of Woodstock. She dresses extravagantly and flamboyantly even for her own people, yet she stays right by Leia’s side without question. Rian Johnson said he tried to bring this through in the movie, but it lacked the proper background and did not come across correctly.

Many that see her and interact with her characterize her as a giant fruit loop, but she obviously stacks up quite the career if she reaches the rack of Vice admiral. Also, the minute her name is given as the next in line in the chain of command post The Raddus bridge disaster, Poe immediately knows her from the Battle of Chyron Belt, even though he doubts his eyes. Even in her death, she makes a statement. In perhaps the first or second greatest visual moments of all of Star Wars, she sends The Raddus into lightspeed, destroying over half the First Order Fleet. Her career would be fun to follow.