I have had several articles recently talking about the state of the games in the Star Wars world.  Overall there is not much going on, especially for PC and consoles.  There are, however, quite a few options if you are open to different types of gaming. Today’s article will start with a realistic feeling board game called Rebellion.


Rebellion is a board game from Fantasy Flight Games. It is a bit pricey, coming in at $70-$100, but when you open the box, you will see you are getting a great deal for the price. The board comes in two pieces you lay next to each other for a giant battlefield of roughly 30 planets.  There are a bunch of small markers as well as a bag for the roughly 60 micro-ships per side.  There are also about a half dozen different piles of cards for different purposes.  When players first learn the game, it will take quite awhile to set up the game, but with experience it sets up fairly quickly.  Either way set up will take some time.  This is not a game one can sit down and get to playing in just a few minutes.