Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Final Season Looks To Be CANCELLED


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A few days ago we received surprising and depressing news that Telltale Games was shutting down, and had conducted immediate massive layoffs. We learned that layoff employees would not be receiving severance pay, only one more week of health insurance would be provided, and that contracted employees would not be eligible for unemployment. The now defunct gaming studio was located in one of the most expensive places in the US so our hearts are with those scrambling to find new employment.

Thankfully major studios such as Rockstar, EA, Blizzard, and others have reached out to those displaced on social media to apply for open positions within their companies. For gamers, there’s not much in the way of official news regarding their upcoming slate, but if we use our brains here we can gather that Stranger Things, and The Wolf Among Us 2 will not see the light of day. The latter was confirmed to be cancelled via twitter

Twitter has been in an uproar ever since they found out the news about The Wolf Among Us Season 2, but what everyone seems to be confused about is whether or not The Walking Dead: Final Season has also been cancelled. The Walking Dead Season 1 is what put Telltale Games on the map 6 years ago, and we’ve been following Clementine’s journey ever since. From a small child, to the teenager she has grown to be in the zombie apocalypse, the fans wanted to see her to the end. However, Telltale has only kept on 25 employees who have been rumored to only be tasked with finishing Netflix’s Minecraft game. Which….wtf!

The voice behind Clementine, Melissa Hutcherson had this to say;

I, unfortunately, like most of you, do not have the details on how this all came to be and I also do not know the fate of the final season of TWD. To my knowledge, they will release Episode 2 and then that will be it. It hurts me that you, the fans, will not get to see Clem’s journey through to the end.

Apparently they are obligated to finish what has been contracted with Netflix and not what they promised their loyal fanbase. It’s fair, and understandable, but doesn’t make it hurt any less. Telltale has been mum with whether or not September 25th’s release of episode 2 will be the last entry in the series, but I find it hard to believe that 25 people could work on two games.

For those who purchased the game during the pre-sale, please reach out to Steam, Playstation, and Xbox to see if you can get some type of credit or refund.