[WARNING: Possible spoilers for Star Wars Episode IX ahead.] No one wanted to believe Darth Vader when he uttered the now infamous line “No, I am your father.” Of course, we had to wait until Return of The Jedi to hear Yoda confirm Luke’s lineage to be true. Similarly, few want to believe Kylo Ren’s claim that Rey’s parents were junk traders who sold Rey off for drinking money. Now, production leaks from Star Wars Episode IX suggest that the film will reveal Rey’s parentage, after all.

Rey seeks answers about her parents in ‘The Last Jedi’. (Image: Photo: Lucasfilm)

JJ Abrams had a vision for the Star Wars sequel trilogy when he wrote and directed The Force Awakens. He left Rey’s history purposely vague, and fans were hopeful they’d learn who Rey’s parents were in The Last Jedi. However, Rian Johnson, who wrote Episode VIII without Abrams’s input, dropped the “nobody” bombshell about Rey’s parentage instead. Rumors of Episode IX story boards showing Rey meeting her parents may prove Kylo Ren’s assertion to be false.

Will Rey’s Parentage be Revealed?

We’ve already seen leaked set photos of the Millennium Falcon in the middle of the jungle. Now, production leaks describe story boards in which Rey stands, lightsaber lit, in a nighttime jungle scene. “In front of her are two figures glowing white. One male and female holding their hands out to Rey,” the story board shows, according to The Express. The next panel of the story board “… has the female’s hand touching Rey’s face, similar to what Han Solo did before Han Solo died.”


The scene obviously raises more questions than it answers about Rey’s parentage. It could simply be a flashback of Rey remembering the day her parents left her with Unkar Plutt. Or, in the alternative they could be Force ghosts connecting with her on the ethereal plane. (Although, Force ghosts usually glow blue – could they perhaps be gray Jedi?) Maybe they’re alive and reaching out via Force projection, like Luke did in The Last Jedi. Then again, it could be something different altogether.

As with any leak or rumor, everything is speculation until Lucasfilm says so. Take what you will from this, but don’t get your heart set. If we learned anything from The Last Jedi, it’s that we shouldn’t rely on our expectations.

Star Wars Episode IX premiers in December, 2019.

Source: The Express