In the Star Wars universe there are two things people want. A live action Dash Rendar series and their own Porg. Well thanks to Lego we are now able to get one of them. That’s right LEGO is giving us our own life-size Porg. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans were introduced to these cute little creatures from Ahch-To for the first time.


Standing at 8 inches tall and 811 pieces LEGO is giving us a chance to build our own Porg. This Porg will be a lot quieter then the ones in the movie. But it will have a couple cool features. The Porg’s tail works as a lever. When this lever is pressed it will open the Porg’s mouth and flap its wings.

The Porg set will come out on October 1st and will retail for 69.99. Also coming out on the 1st is the Star Wars: Betrayal at Cloud City price at $349.99. The Betrayal set has been available to Lego VIPs since September 13th.


So, Star Wars LEGO fans make sure you request October 1st off and get ready for a fun day of building. You can also see the detailed review of this Porg set from BrickVault on this page. What are some of your favorite Star Wars LEGO sets? What sets would you like to see LEGO do next? Let us know by leaving your comments here or hit me up on Twitter @starwarsnerd574.