While it’s still unknown when the sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers movie will be released, everyone is hoping for the film to be amazing. And one of the movie rangers does know what they want to see if it happens.

RJ Cyler, who portrayed Billy in the 2017 movie, recently spoke to TV Insider and talked about what he would want to see in the sequel.

“I want to see the growth Jason has with his pa. In our movie, they had the father-parent relationship like Mufasa and Simba… I want to see how deep in forgiveness and understanding both of them get with each other. They softened in the last movie, but I want to see how their relationship evolves. I also want to see more of the Trini character because there were a lot of good nuggets of who Trini is and how she could potentially be a part of the LGBT community. I want to see the development of that. Fan’s lives can change with that.”

Cyler also brought up his character being on the autism spectrum, and the fan response to it.

“Also, with Billy the possibilities of being a superhero on the autism spectrum. I recently went to Power Morphicon. I never felt so much love from such a big crowd people. Talking to each of them, whether they are on the spectrum or not, Billy related to them on some level. I want to continue to give that. I want to continue to give that person that makes them feel comfortable or find something in common. It gives them freedom of mind to chase what they want to chase.”

Hopefully, we will hear more about the film in 2019, and I am hoping that the film will live up to fan expectations.