Today’s game is perhaps one of the hottest and best Star Wars games running right now.  Made for phone systems, Galaxy of Heroes is a fantastic game for those that like team vs team battle games.  Heroes is a 5v5 battle game where you can choose from an amazingly diverse cast of characters.  Factions may help synergies, but do not prevent Luke fighting side by side with Vader or Dooku or Rey.

Released during late 2015, the game is growing fast and furious.  It uses characters and even ships from every era as well as from the movies just hitting the big screen.  The play is very diverse and there is plenty to keep players busy.
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How easy will people finds this game to be able to sit down and play?  This game is both very simple and incredibly in depth.  You simply pick any five guys you possess and fight the opponent.  You start out PVE, but then PVP is unlocked at later levels.  The attacks are simply pushing one of 2-3 buttons, so not overly complicated.

The Demo walks you through all the basics at the beginning.  After that you will have 3 toons.  It will be easy to get the last one or two needed to form your first team.  After that it is fairly easy to unlock new characters and evolve your team.  Of course, the beginning requires no synergy but as you advance you will want to collect teams.