STAR WARS: Top 5 Times Chewbacca Flew Into Full Wookiee Rage


From the first time we saw the hulking wookiee, we knew Chewbacca would be an imposing figure in Star Wars. Discounting the prequels (in which he didn’t have much of a role), Chewbacca would put his wookiee rage on full display in both the original and sequel trilogies. In Solo: A Star Wars Story though, Chewie shines in all his wookiee glory.

Top 5 Times Chewie Goes Full-On Wookiee

Don’t forget: Han reminded us way back in A New Hope that wookiees are known to pull arms from sockets. Here are the top five moments in Star Wars when Chewbacca has gone into full-blown wookiee rage.