“Go big or go home” seems to be Disney’s mantra when it comes to Jon Favreau’s new live-action Star Wars series. Inking the Iron Man director to helm the series was big enough news.  Then Favreau added talented production designers Doug Chiag and Andrew L. Jones to the team. Together, they’ll operate under a whopping $100 million budget. Now it appears Favreau has found his star power in Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal Cast for Favreau’s Star Wars Series?

When Disney first announced the series, execs indicated that this would be its streaming network, Disney Play’s, Game of Thrones. No one figured them to be speaking literally, but that appears to be the case. If rumors hold true, Favreau has cast the HBO juggernaut’s own Prince Oberyn to carry the new Star Wars show’s mantel.

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal as Prince Oberyn in ‘Game of Thrones’. (Photo: HBO)

As Making Star Wars points out, Pedro Pascal is best known for his turns in both Game of Thrones and the Netflix series Narcos, on which he starred for three seasons. More recently, the Chilean-American actor took a turn as an American spy in Kingsmen: The Golden Circle. Based in large part on the dramatic flair with which he portrayed Oberyn, it’s no surprise Pascal’s popularity has soared. Favreau can certainly tap into that if he has indeed nabbed the actor for the new series.

Photo: Making Star Wars

Details about the new series are scarce thus far, but Favreau has let a few tidbits and set leaks slip through the cracks. We know the show will be set seven years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Further, all indications point to the series featuring the Mandalorians, and perhaps even taking place on Jango Fett’s home planet. The Star Wars universe does still have at least one, living Mandalorian that we know of: Sabine Wren. When last we saw her, she was darting off to parts unknown with Ahsoka Tano in search of Ezra Bridger.

Whether Sabine, or other Mandalorians such as Fenn Rau or Bo-Katan Kryze will appear, is up in the air. If Pedro Pascal indeed stars in the series, however, we’ll be in for a treat no matter where Favreau takes the show.

The new series, and hopefully Pedro Pascal, will take to Disney Play likely sometime in the latter half of 2019.


Source: Making Star Wars