Beast Morphers is premiering next year, and the episode count has finally been announced. And as we have seen in previous years, next season will be getting 22 episodes. This includes the regular 20 episodes and the Halloween and Christmas episodes as well. 

Now, with next season bring 22 episodes, that leads the fans to wonder if a Super Season will happen. At the moment, that doesn’t seem like it will happen just yet but with the new season being on Nickelodeon, the idea of a super season will probably become a reality. 

The episodes are still going to 30 minutes long with commercials, so that won’t be changing. The thing that I’m shocked about is that the show is only allowed 22 episodes, and with the episodes only being 30 minutes long, that is not a lot of time to flesh out a story, or to get any character development done. 

With Hasbro taking over the franchise next year, hopefully, we will get something new and fresh.