Venom is directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer and is a combination action-film, comedy, and dark horror.  It stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist who merges with an alien symbiote to become the titular anti-hero.  Venom hits theaters October 5th.

Director Ruben Fleischer

One of the most striking aspects of Venom is the duality of the main character Eddie Brock.  Tom Hardy plays both Brock and the voice of Venom, the alien symbiote inhabiting him.  When asked when the filmmakers decided to incorporate that dualism, Fleischer said (via Screen Rant), “That was in the script that I first read.  It was very much about the relationship.  I think that that’s, at the end of the day, is the most satisfying aspect of the film.”

“Hopefully in future films, now that we’ve established it, that’s what we can really mine, is that dynamic.  Because it’s completely unique among all superhero films.  Usually it’s a singular experience, like if you get bit by a spider or you decide to be a vigilante who fights bad guys using your parent’s inheritance or whatever.  It’s their singular experience and you usually can’t share it with anyone or tell anybody.”

“For Eddie and Venom, and that’s in the comics, it’s about the relationship.  And they’re always talking to each other.  And even when Venom emerges on the pier and they talk to each other, where he is literally looking him eye-to-eye, I think that’s from the comics too.  And it’s all about that dynamic.”

Tom Hardy’s Venom

“And so, for Tom [Hardy] especially, the duality was a theme that he was really excited to play.  And the way he did it was incredible to watch.  He would wear an earwig and he would basically pre-record all of Venom’s lines.  And so, he’d be in the middle of a scene, talking to Michelle [Williams] or by himself, the sound guys would just trigger Venom’s voice.  So, he’d have something to react to and then he’d talk to it and then they’d play Venom’s line back.”

“So, he really was hearing voice in his head the whole time, which is why I think the performance feels so real and so natural.  When he’s walking on the street, when he first hears Venom and he’s like, ‘Who said that, who said that?!’  He’s literally hearing the voice in his head. So, he has something to react to.  Which I think makes it so realistic, his performance.”