New York Comic-Con 2018 certainly seemed to pick up steam on Day 2. Crowds ramped up, and Celebrities streamed in to participate in panels and interviews. All the while, the big-name production companies premiered or previewed footage for new works. And, as expected (and hoped), the cosplayers were out in droves as well. Here’s a taste of what fans saw and experienced on Day 2.

New York Comic-Con 2018: Panels

Awards for two of the biggest crowd-gathering panels of the day went to Marvel’s surprise hit series Runaways and Peter Jackson’s upcoming blockbuster Mortal Engines. If we had to give an award to biggest crowd-pleaser, however, that would go to Linda Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company. Why? Because at the final panel of the evening, Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter, finally gave the New York Comic-Con 2018 crowd some much desired detail about the upcoming Netflix series.

(Dark Crystal purists, be assured: the series will be true to the original and will utilize puppetry to perform the characters, Not CGI.)