There’s no new film on the horizon until Star Wars Episode IX in December of 2019. That left fans wondering what NYCC 2018 would have to offer when it came to Star Wars. A lot, is the answer to that question. And a good deal of it is packed into one book: Women of the Galaxy. Chronicle Books showcases what is very likely the most comprehensive collection of Star Wars women in one place.

Author Amy Ratcliffe undertook the task of compiling the stories of seventy-five different female characters in the 232-page, illustrated tome. It’s not just Ratcliffe’s compelling character studies that make this book exceptional, however. It’s the combination of Ratcliffe and her team of all female illustrators that makes this a must-have for any true Star Wars fan.

Ashley Eckstein Presents the Women of the Galaxy

Chronicle introduced fans to the work at a panel hosted by Ahsoka Tano voice actress Ashely Eckstein. “Ahsoka changed my life,” Eckstein told the crowd. “She’s a strong, kick-butt character!” That strength comes through in illustrator Sarah Wilkinson’s stunning Ahsoka Portrait.

Each of the illustrators described the honor of inking these iconic Star Wars women of the galaxy. Several shared how the characters they were drawing had inspired them. Karen Hallion, for example, noted how she only had Leia growing up. Now, for her, “it’s crazy to look at this list” of female characters.

There’s more to the book than just the characters and illustration, however. (Although, there are approximately 110 original pieces of artwork in the collection.) The women involved in this endeavor all described the work, dedication, and hope that went into the project. In many ways, their journeys to success mirror those of the characters they draw.

Perhaps when it comes to the notion of doing something new or different, artist Sara Alfageeh put it best:

“It’s okay to be terrified… and do it anyway.”

In this case, the result is an amazing collection of prose and artwork from an equally amazing group of women.

Women of the Galaxy will be available at book sellers everywhere on October 30th. If you can’t wait, you can get a Con-exclusive copy at NYCC at the Chronicle booth, #2323.