Hey all you f*¢king muggles out there, get off that flightless broomstick you’re dragging across the soccer field and listen up. You’re simply wasting your life if you are hoping that Fantastic Beasts will actually be good the next time around, but don’t worry, your owl has flown in some good news for you.

The most fantastic, whimsical and epic television experience EVER is powering up to penetrate your glazed-over eyeballs with the all the fury of Merlin himself. I’m talking about SYFY’s ‘The Magicians’ Season 4.

Here’s what all you magical first years need to know about The Magicians… Season one was great, season two was really good, but season three will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! If you get to get to season 3 and don’t feel the same way I do, I will come to your house personally and put you out of your misery since you are most likely a miserable person beyond any kind of help or therapy (I’m talking to you Q).

However, if you are among the brightest of the bright, then you already know about this show and all its greatness. So for all you enlightened folks out there, here’s a season 4 sneak peek. For the rest of you, you have your homework assignment. The Magicians returns with all new episodes on January 23 on SYFY.