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Hell, the Devil and the Deep Rule NYCC 2018, Day 3

Marvel Goes to the Dark Side with Daredevil

Not to be outdone, Marvel came at fans with an autograph session of their own. The studio also released a new, full , Daredevil Season 3 trailer, which thankfully is available online:

Daredevil is already noted as having the darkest tone of all the Marvel franchise productions. The trailer nevertheless takes Matt Murdock to an even deeper level of darkness. At one point Matt faces the question of whether or not he’s becoming that which he’s vowed to destroy. Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) is back, out of prison, and hell-bent on taking down the Daredevil once and for all. Daredevil returns October 19.

NYCC 2018Marvel raised eyebrows with Daredevil, although the company wasn’t done there. There was something for the comic book collectors as well. Fans of the new and ongoing Star Wars series were treated to a slew of variant comic covers featuring individual characters. The variants included two of my favorites, Cad Bane and Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Sorry, Dash Rendar fans; there was no Dash.)

By JJ Goodman

Lawyer by trade, writer by passion. Author of 'The Deep Space Chronicles' series available at, a rambling blog at, and musings on all things 'Star Wars' here at That Hashtag Show.

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