Day 2 of NYCC ’18 continued with its Star Wars theme, much to the delight of fans of the written works. Some of the biggest names in Star Wars writing were on hand as Disney and Lucasfilm Publishing presented “Stories From a Galaxy Far, Far Away.” The panel included Star Wars writers Amy Ratcliffe, Jody Houser, Greg Pak, Chuck Wendig and others as they discussed their writing experiences and future projects.

Star Wars WritersStar Wars Writers Discuss Writing the Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars writer Justine Ireland summed up what writing Star Wars meant to her by noting “nothing feels like pure adventure [more] than Star Wars”. Robbie Thompson spoke of how the first action figure he ever got was R2-D2, and how to him Star Wars is the story of how “a scrappy trash can save the universe.”

The big reveals came when the discussion turned to the new “Age of” comic book line first announced at SDCC.  We’ve since learned the characters that the series will showcase. In New York, however, we got to see some additional cover art we’d not seen before.

The Ages of Star Wars

Star Wars Writers Greg Pak and Tom Taylor will be penning the Age of Rebellion and Age of Resistance, respectively. First we got to see cover art featuring Qui-Gon Jin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul and Jango Fett:

Pak talked about the pressure of writing the most iconic characters of the franchise. He used to get “imposter syndrome,” however he had to lose that mentality. Instead of saying “who am I to write this,” he now says “I am the perfect person to write this.”

Pak then let slip some details of his upcoming Leia issue. In it he’ll detail how Leia came to acquire the Boussh disguise and convince Jabba she was, in fact, a bounty hunter. The big tease? Bossk is going to make an appearance.

The other big reveal is that we’re going to get see more of Han Solo’s Imperial service. Coming soon is Han Solo: Imperial Cadet. The series will expand upon the deleted scene we saw from Solo: a Star Wars Story. The writers say the series will be “Full Metal Jacket meets Stripes.”

As any Han Solo Imperial service story should.

We’ll have more information on details, artwork and release dates they come in. Until then, stop down at Comic-Con to pick up any number of works from your favorite Star Wars writers.