Boom! Studios posted this tweet, “Who is Alpha-1?” designed by Dan Mora. Alpha-1 will make his debut in Go Go Power Rangers, that is pretty much all we know for now.

Alphas are an iconic symbol of the Power Rangers franchise. In Power Rangers history, we’ve seen several variations of Alphas on the screen…

Alpha 4 was the first Alpha brought to life by King Lexian of Edenoi. Alpha 4 helped Zordon find the map to the Temple of Power, find the Power Coins and help build the Command Center. He was replaced by Alpha 5 when he became obsolete. His body was shown in the basement of the Command Center when Goldar and Rito set the building to blow.

Alpha 5 took on Alpha 4’s memory and emotions. He helped Zordon create and recruit a new team of Power Rangers to fight Rita and her horde of monsters. Throughout the seasons, Alpha 5 aided the Rangers in their fight again evil. When Zordon decided to retire to Eltar, Alpha 5 went with him., leaving Alpha 6 in his place to continue aiding the Power Rangers in their adventures.

Alpha 6 aided Dimitria and the Turbo Rangers in their fight against the intergalactic pirate queen Divitox and her crew. When the Rangers flew into space to help save Zordon, Alpha 6 accompanied them. After the Astro Megaship was decommissioned and turned into a museum, Alpha stayed with the ship. After the Lost Galaxy Ranger commandeered the Astro Megaship to help in their fight against Scorpius, Alpha 6 naturally aided the Rangers in their endeavor to protect the space colony Terra Venture. Alpha 6 is last seen reactivated by Alex Hartman and Adam in Operation Overdrive helping the Ranger reconnect to the Morphin Grid. It is believed he his with Adam in Angel Grove.

Alpha 7 was on the Astro Megaship Mark 2 and aided the Forever Red Rangers in their battle against General Venjix and the remnants of the Machine Empire.

Alpha 55 aids the Hyperforce Rangers. Set in the year 3016. After an attack on the Time Force Academy, a rag tag team of cadets take on the Hyperforce Rangers power to stop evil from destroying time itself.

And we can’t forget Alpha 5 from the 2017 Lionsgate Movie, Power Rangers. Voiced by Bill Hader. It was a fresh new take on Alpha 5 and the Power Rangers franchise.

I wonder where Alpha-1 comes from? Who made him? Where is Alpha 2 and Alpha 3? Let me know what you think.