October could not have asked for two better movies to start the month.  Targeting two opposite crowds and pleasing both, the top two movies both nearly broke the October premiere record of $55.7 million held by Gravity.  The #2 movie came close.  The #1 movie obliterated it.

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In the #1 slot we have the latest comic book movie Venom.  Early critic reviews are only giving Venom a 32% on Rottentomatoes, but fans at Cinemascore are giving it a B+.  Either way Venom took in a record breaking $80 million opening weekend, smashing the old record by a cool $25 million. I think this proves an anticipated comic book movie can be released in almost any month and do well.  The fact the release did so well and Sony hedged their bets by making it PG-13, you can bet Venom and Spidey will met up at some point in the near future.

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The other major title of the weekend was quite the opposite of our anti-hero.  From bashing and smashing to singing, boozing and kissing.  A Star Is Born, the much anticipated fourth remake, delivered on an exceptionally high note to the tune of $41 million.  Bradley Cooper made this fourth-time redo all his own and smashed it out of the park.  Cooper starred, directed, wrote, and produced this beauty.

Starring along side him is the infamous Lady Gaga.  At first she was a good singer that was known for her outlandish stunts and political messages.  Lately though, she has toned down the wild side and worked more on performing.  At the Academy Awards she belted out a version of ‘The Sound of Music’ that did Julie Andrews proud.  At the 2017 Superbowl Halftime performance, she stayed on track and belted out her tunes exceptionally well.  It was when she acted on the television show American Horror Story, that she drew some real attention for her acting potential.  When casting a leading singing role, why not cast a singer? The singing helps distract from poorer acting performances.

The thing is – there was no poor acting performance from Lady Gaga.  In fact, do not be surprised if, come Oscar season, Lady Gaga will be sitting front row in the nomination row.  Expect Bradley Cooper to be there as well.  A Star Is Born will be getting a lot of nominations come awards season.  Its only detractor is what I stated at the beginning.  This movie has just been remade for the fourth time.

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Coming in at a very distant #3 is the children’s film Smallfoot.  Makes sense since this had the least head to head competition against the major two films.  It only dropped 35% in week two coming in at $14.9 million. It should have legs for a little while longer with no real competition.

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At #4, also in its second week, is Night School, the Kevin Hart comedy.  It brought in $12.2 million, a mediocre drop of 55% in its second week.

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Finally at #5 we have A House With A Clock in Its Walls.  Its haul of $7.3 million brings its domestic gross to $55 million, just over its budget of $42 million.




Next weekend we have the eclectic mix of three films.  To start we get the thriller, sporting an eclectic cast of Dakota Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeff Bridges.  Bad Times at the Hotel Royale intertwines the stories of seven people and their assorted secrets into one story.

First Man is the life of Neil Armstrong and the race to the moon.  Starring Ryan Gossling, any one loving space flight movies and historic tales should check this one out.

Finally for  the younger Halloweeners out there we have Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween.  Based off the book series we get another tale of kiddie horror.  The question is how much money will Jack Black steal from himself as he knocks his own movie out of the top 5.