A Year of STAR WARS Controversies: Can the Franchise Recover?


Chuck Wendig and Politics

Chuck Wendig, far right, attends a Lucasfilm Publishing panel at NYCC 2018 just days before being fired.

Admittedly Marvel made the decision to fire Wendig, not Lucasfilm, but the firing still creates more questions than it answers. Wendig’s Twitter vulgarity remains the stated basis for the firing, but some question whether it was politically motivated. Marvel’s head of operations is reportedly close with the current administration. Wending, conversely, is profanely outspoken against it. If the firing was more politically driven, does that then put Marvel at odds with Lucasfilm with respect to their policies and agendas? Things could get tricky if Lucasfilm Publishing keeps Wendig on its payroll for future Star Wars novels. This again begs the question of whether you can separate politics from Star Wars.