Over the last few months, there have been several outlets, gamers and otherwise saying PUBG is dying/dead…they maybe right for a few reasons, but also totally wrong.

Reasons why PUBG Will eventually go the way of DayZ

The Big Purple Elephant in the Room: Fortnight

There’s no denying that the numbers are there.  The cultural phenomenon has everyone talking about the future of gaming and E-Sports being big and blah blah blah…Fortnight dominates the social aspects of battle royale for a few reasons…

Nothing stays the same…and quickly, which is somewhat new for an e-sport game.

The updates are constant, the meta change is constant, there’s no getting comfortable in the game, which makes many E-sport people rise and fall with those changes, a vast difference compared to games like League of Legends or CS:GO.

Money and a streamlined experience.

For every map that PUBG comes out with, there area already 2 seasons ahead with fortnight.  PUBG devs simply can’t/wont keep up.  With Epic making hundreds of millions of dollars a month in MT, the devs will continue to be red hot in keeping things updated.


Sort of a laughing stock, no matter how much optimization happens in PUBG, it’s always…not quite right.  The gamers were patient about it, but new levels are not fixes for a flawed game.  Some can forgive it, most can’t.

The Real Competition has Arrived

Call of Duty now has their own battle royale, Battlefield has their own battle royale.  Why play PUBG when COD and Battlefield do “realism” without the jank?

Here’s the reason its not dead: Mobile

While PUBG numbers are slowing on PC, it’s doing awesome on mobile.  Fortnight’s mobile experience is not that great, but PUBG is seamless. The updates are great, and have a decent micro transaction system to the game, as well as more updates on the mobile version than there is the PC game.  It’s not unusual to see devs abandon one platform for another, and if Fortnight is going to spend its main resources on PC, it makes sense for PUBG to go elsewhere.  It’s a smart move as well with two triple AAA titles coming out with it as a feature rather than a main game.

PUBG went mobile so it could live, because the competition is going to crowd them out of the market.

What do you think?  do you think PUBG is truly going to die with the AAA titles adding battle royal to their roster?  is Battle Royale getting too oversaturate in the market?  Let us know in the comments below!