Details and the covers for the next issue of Go Go Power Rangers have been released. And it sounds like this next issue is going to pretty awesome.

The issue is releasing January 2019, and the story for it is pretty cool. So we know this issue is the 4th issue releasing after the Shattered Grid storyline. The Ranger Slayer is no longer the villain, and Rita Repulsa is back is the main villain.

We are also getting the Rangers swapping colors, and we’re getting to also see Trini and Jason in a relationship. The art for the new issue is being created by Eleonora Carlini, who is the new series artist over for Dan Mora.

The variant covers are designed by Miguel Mercado, Gleb Melnikov, and Audrey Mok, while Dan Mora is designing the main cover. And Ryan Parrott is writing the story. You can read both the synopsis below, and take a look at the covers as well.

“The Rangers have swapped costumes and powers…and nothing’s working right! Can Trini step up to lead the team and stop Rita from acquiring the ultimate weapon?”



Source: Power Rangers NOW