SHRIEKFEST 2018: A Near Perfect Screening of Short Films [REVIEWS]


CA 11 min
Directed by D.M. Cunningham

“A monster hunter wakes up to find one of the subterranean dwellers he was tracking Image result for there's one inside the house dm cunninghaminside his home and a stand off ensues with bloody results.”

Oh my god, I loved this. This short has everything you need for dynamic campy horror fun:
snappy dialogue, comedic timing, physical comedy, gorgeous creature design, and so much
blood. Be sure to watch the credits for a delightful Easter egg (Easter cake?) 5 out of 5

CA 13 min

“A down on his luck man’s attempt at a bank robbery goes awry, forcing him to abduct a
hostage. He discovers she’s more than he bargained for.”

I really liked the premise for this short, and the direction was solid, but the writing, acting, and makeup crew just BEARLY missed the mark. Yes, that’s a bear pun. The bear was my favorite part. 3 out of 5

IA 11 min
Directed by Michael Paul

“A lonely killer clown turns to online dating when axe murder just isn’t enough any more.”

I’ll admit I was first thrown off by the super weird costuming choices for the “normal” couple at the beginning of this short, but once those guys were out of the way I was treated to a delightfully maniacal story about murderous clowns looking for love. The comedy was pretty spot on, and I loved the inclusion of circus peanuts. A+ gore as well. 4 out of 5

AZ 12 min
Directed by Adolpho Navarro

“A team of paranormal investigators find themselves trapped in a house with a hostile entity. One man awakens on the floor paralyzed as he’s stalked by the presence.”Image result for static kinship

This short is what happens when you take every paranormal activity trope, throw them at the wall, and see what sticks. I did really like the physicality from the actress playing the creepy daughter character though. 1 out of 5