SHRIEKFEST 2018: A Near Perfect Screening of Short Films [REVIEWS]


United Kingdom 8 min
Directed by Uli Meyer

“An amateur artist sketching in a church yard has a series of encounters with a young woman, who we might come to believe is a ghost. In fact, the truth is stranger than that.”

This short had lots of things that I like. History, a great location, ghosts, and a nice twist. I
enjoyed the performances and really liked the way they did the twist, but if you think that I as a costumer didn’t notice the elastic on those shoes, you’re super wrong. Assuming you’re not a nitpicky costume weirdo like me, that won’t bother you. It’s pretty. Go watch it. 4 out of 5

CA 6 min
Director Alex Noyer

“A drum competition with devastating consequences!”

So this guy who has no idea how to operate a drum pad is entering to win a drum pad. Then a helpful girl in the front row tells him exactly what to do, he creates a sick beat, andRelated image then somehow wins? Without anyone else that’s been waiting for a turn getting to compete? Then it turns out his beats are used to horribly torture some rando blue collar worker in a fish tank. This is either brilliant commentary on cis het white male privilege, or the script supervisor was out that day. I loved the gore (are we sensing a pattern in things I like yet?) from the one man band rube goldberg torture machine, and the camera work was excellent. 3 out of 5

CA 19 min
Directed by Michael Trainotti

“Dad spins a decades old tale during a family camp out”

This is another one that I really want to see made into a feature length film. There’s so many great elements that slowly construct a fantastic world for the characters to live in over the course of the short, and I need more. The actors did an excellent job creating a very believable family dynamic, and I was totally sold on everything that was happening. Fun jump scares, gore used to great effect, and again I want more! 5 out of 5

Spain 14 min
Directed by Fran Casanova

“Veronica is a 6 year old girl who is trying to overcome her fear of the dark.”
Image result for something in the darkness fran casanova
This was hands down the creepiest and most suspenseful short in the festival. The camera work and the performance by the young actress made my skin crawl. Brilliant. Loved it. I don’t want to say too much, so just do yourself a favor and go watch it. 5 out of 5