SHRIEKFEST 2018: A Near Perfect Screening of Short Films [REVIEWS]


United Kingdom 16 min
Directed by Niall Shukla

“Jane suffers from haphephobia (the pathological fear of touch) tormented by years of
loneliness and isolation, she orders a synthetic love doll online.”


Also Spoilers.

The concept for this is so solid, but the execution left quite a bit to be desired. After too much voice over, it’s shown that Jane is being tormented by this creepy sex doll, that she still wants to have sex with. As the piece progresses, it’s revealed that the sex doll is Image result for a doll distortedactually the man she’s been obsessed with and has kidnapped and maimed by chopping off his hands and cutting out his tongue and replacing them with sex doll parts. She’s been force feeding him viagra and raping him over and over again. Does haphephobia not count towards wieners? Did she replace that too? I have questions. It has some great creep factor moments, but it was just so splicey and dicey with the editing that it came across as disjointed. Big ups to whoever found that creepy sex doll mask though, that thing is creepy AF.

NC 9 min
Directed by Darren Hummel

“Dan just wants to do his laundry”

This was hands down my favorite short. Fantastic acting, great script, snappy direction,
homages, comedy, and a cardboard box labeled “Linda”. Getting the motivation to do your
laundry is hard enough, but imagine you have to do it in a basement with a demon. This short is everything I never knew I wanted. 2 out of 5