Lucasfilm has seemingly had enough of people poking fun at its Star Wars sequel trilogy villain. In a bit of a surprise move, Lucasfilm management prohibited the producers of Ralph Breaks the Internet from using a Kylo Ren joke in the upcoming film.

Disney films are no strangers to poking fun at other film genres, and even at the Disney library of films itself. So why put the brakes on now? Lucasfilm and Disney fall under the same corporate umbrella, after all. Thus, you’d think a little good-natured ribbing between the two studios would be both likely and inevitable. Not so, says Rick Moore, co-director of the sequel to 2012’s stand-out animated hit, Wreck-It Ralph.

Lucasfilm Denies Use of Kylo Ren Joke in Ralph Breaks the Internet

“Why does everyone keep making fun of me?”

Moore, in an interview with IGN, revealed that they originally intended to mock the would-be Sith. According to We Got That Covered, the proposed Kylo Ren joke idea did not go over well.

“At one point we had a joke about Kylo Ren being a spoiled child. We went to Lucasfilm and said ‘here’s what we’re doing.’ And they said ‘Well, we’d prefer that you don’t show him as a spoiled child. You know, he is our villain, and we’d prefer that you don’t do that.’ So we were respectful of that.”

It appears that Lucasfilm is now regretting the creature of its own making that is Kylo Ren. Through two films now, the Star Wars sequel trilogy has portrayed the character as little more than a petulant teenager prone to tantrums. And there was, well, this:

Kylo Ren Joke

In fact, even Adam Driver mocked his own character’s short-tempered tendencies as “Matt the Radar Technician” on Saturday Night Live.

Image: NBC

Jokes to this point have been tolerated. The Ralph Breaks the Internet Kylo Ren joke, conversely, comes at a difficult time for the franchise.

Bad Timing for Star Wars Jokes?

Lucasfilm is already dealing with multiple controversies, including backlash to The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story’s poor box office outing. The last thing it needs is more negative attention as it tries to build anticipation and excitement for next year’s Star Wars Episode IX. Thus, no Kylo Ren joke in Ralph Breaks the Internet. And that’s too bad.

Kylo Ren Joke

If Wreck-It Ralph is any indication of how entertaining Ralph Breaks the Internet will be, the Kylo Ren joke was likely to have been pretty darn funny.

Ralph Breaks the Internet hits theaters this coming November 21st. Star Wars Episode IX arrives in December of 2019.