The news is disappointing for those in London hoping to see the legendary John Williams in person. The 86-year old composer was due to appear with the famed London Symphony Orchestra this coming Friday. Unfortunately, he had to pull out of the performance due to a “last minute illness.”

Williams originally intended to conduct the orchestra as it performed from his extensive library of film scores. John Williams, as most know, was the conductor behind such iconic soundtracks as Jaws, ET, the Indiana Jones films, Harry Potter and, of course, Star Wars. Dirk Brossé will replace Williams for the performance, according to BBC News.

John Williams Apologizes to London Fans

“John is so sorry that an illness prevents him from conducting Friday’s concert, and he’s grateful to his friend Maestro Dirk Brossé for taking the podium in his place. He so wishes he could be with everyone, and the knowledge that 5,000 of his friends will be joining together to celebrate his music is a great comfort to him as he recovers. He wishes everyone a very joyous evening of music,” said a statement from the composer’s manager.

Thankfully, Brossé is not just some understudy. Dirk Brossé is intimately familiar with Williams’ work, having conducted the Star Wars: In Concert orchestral tour from 2009 to 2001.

John Williams, the Muse of Star Wars

Star Wars fans have long been familiar with the conductor’s work. It was his Opening Fanfare that enraptured us from the beginning when the Star Wars crawl hit the big screen back in 1977. The rest, as they say, is history when it comes to scoring the galaxy far, far away. John Williams has been responsible for the soundtrack of every episodic Star Wars film to date. There’s even a “music only” cut of The Last Jedi. He’s also slated to score the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX, health and God willing.

John Williams

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

For decades two names have gone hand in hand with the words “Star Wars”: George Lucas, and John Williams. It’s hard at this point to imagine Star Wars without Williams. Although he didn’t score Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, his influence was readily evident in the film. In fact, Williams is even collaborating with Rogue One composer Michael Giacchino to score the new Galaxy’s Edge additions to the Disney theme parks.

John Williams

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

There are no details regarding Williams’ illness that we can report. Nevertheless, we wish John a speedy recovery from whatever ails him and look forward to his work on Episode IX.

Source: BBC News