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Star Wars: 6 Worst Lightsaber Fights

There are two things that make Star Wars so unique – the force and lightsabers.  We all have our different favorites throughout the saga, but in the end, those are what we come to Star Wars for.  As I sat down to write this article, I realized if you break apart all the lightsaber fights, you will have a grand total of 18 fights to talk about (not counting Vader in Rogue One).   That seems a bit much, so I am going to do the top 6 and worst 6 lightsaber fights in Star Wars movies.  Let’s start with the worst first.  There are a few lightsaber fights that are truly horrid, but even as I made this list of the 6 worst fights, some are here on technicalities more than being awful.  Here we go with the six worst lightsaber fights in descending order.

#6 Dooku vs Obi-Wan &Anakin (Revenge of the Sith)

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This fight is one of those I mentioned about technicalities.  Doing handicapped matches is hard.  2v1 makes it really hard for the defender to look believable unless there is some truly brilliant choreography happening.  The choreography isn’t horrid here.  The way Dooku continues to back off against the Jedi Attacks keeps the fight believable for the most part.  I wish this fight had more time to develop.  In the novelization, this fight has so much more going on than on the big screen.  In the book, Obi and Ani start with their text book forms from Ep2.  Mid-fight both switch forms.  It throws Dooku for a complete loop, and he realizes he is in over his head.

This fight made the list mainly for the way Obi-Wan is treated in this fight.  Obi holds his own during the fights, but since Anakin needs to be the focus, Obi-Wan keeps getting thrown around with cheap force tricks that make him look like a total buffoon. It really cheapens this fight.

By Ben Wolf

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