One of the biggest issues surrounding Star Wars since the relaunch has been timing.  Where does it belong? How often should they be released?  Can there be two movies a year?  Rumors and discussion have circulated for years now.  While no official announcements have been made, hints and foreshadowings are surfacing, and they are not good for Star Wars. Our favorite franchise is getting relegated to biennial release.

Our Worst Fears Have Been Realized.

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I am just going to come out and say it, if these portents hold true, I was right.  I called this outcome.  Congratulations haters.  Your hatred has relegated Star Wars to the back burners.  With the recent acquisition of the Fox movie line-up, Disney’s movie template and planning have become much more complicated as far as scheduling their products.  This is the absolute worst time for Star Wars to show any weakness.  Sadly, thanks to poor decisions by Iger and a minor yet overly loud group of haters, we are now looking at a biennial release of Star Wars films going forward.

Iger on the Star Wars Slow-Down

First off, we have Iger’s comments from last month about slowing Star Wars down.  I think for many it meant going back to just one a year.  That seems to have worked so far.  Combine that with placing the franchise back in December where it ruled the box office roost and things should be good.

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That doesn’t look to be the case.  Anyone else not liking the year and a half between Solo and Episode IX?  If the Star Wars biennial release goes into effect, it looks like we will now have a 2 year wait. So what happens now?