What This Means Going Forward

After Episode IX, the future is in limbo. We know Benioff and Weiss have their “series”.  Rian Johnson looks to still have his trilogy.  That alone is a good start to keep the screen busy for a while.  The question is not only who will come first, but WHEN will the first of these movies be released?  Given the Fox merger (which I was also against) Star Wars has now lost the December 2020 slot to the blue people of the Avatar series from James Cameron.  Avatar 2 now owned by Disney is set to release December 18, 2020. If Star Wars and Avatar offset with a biennial release schedule, that means no Star Wars until 2021.

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If Avatar was a single film, or a film that might have sequels down the road somewhere, it might not mean much.  The problem is this is a franchise, albeit a poor one, that is slated to have up to three more movies not only announced, but in production (Not that time tables mean much to Cameron).  Also, the original used to rule the #1 movie of all-time spot in America and still does worldwide.  While the new ones won’t see those numbers, its placement is to be respected.  No big-screen Star Wars til 2021.

Managing an Avatar/Star Wars Biennial Release

Unless Avatar turns into a HUGE failure (given the bloated budget its possible however unlikely), we are now looking at Avatar and Star Wars going every other year thru 2026 at least.  If this is to be the case and Star Wars only gets a movie every two years, how do you add any variety?  With the Skywalkers out of the way (supposedly), Lucasfilm would have more room to do different types of films and open the variety of character mixtures and locations throughout the galaxy.

Going every other year, you can’t do Benioff and Wiess in 2021, Johnson in 2023 and come back to the B&W sequel four years later in 2025!  This would then mean instead of having lots of new projects and ideas every year, we would have to do one vision at a time.  If Johnson were to go first, he would get 2021, 2023 and 2025.  With a Star Wars biennial release, the B&W series wouldn’t even start until 2027!!

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The Evils of the Fox Merger

I would really like to think things could be switched up, but it won’t happen.  Disney doesn’t have the room.  Studios with similar movies will give each other 2-3 weeks breathing room before releasing their similar title, so everyone can maximize intake; However, if Disney wants to do Marvel and then do X-Men, they will be a good month or more apart.  Disney will not crowd its own movies as was demonstrated with the whole Solo debacle.  The sheer number of titles Disney must now manage post-Fox merger is so great, either we won’t see half the Fox titles ever again, or Disney will be out of room to move titles around.

Welcome to the New Empire, New Order or whatever you want to call it.  Star Wars is now a weaker card in a huge card deck and has no power.

I hope everyone likes waiting two years between movies.