Kaz learns about the First Order

Star Wars Resistance episode 5: The High Tower gave us our first big look at the First Order in the series. We also get to finally see Kaz doing some real spy work and learn more about mechanic, Tam Ryvora’s backstory.

Spoilers Ahead!


After the last few episodes of the Resistance showing how bad of a mechanic Kaz is, we finally get to see him go to work as a spy. While his spy skills are just as bad he was able to somewhat complete his mission. Kaz learns from Aunt Z that Captain Doza has dealings with the First Order. He is able to confirm this when the First Order arrives with a fuel delivery to resupply the Colossus.

Kaz finally gets his chance to spy

After finding out that the First Order has arrived with the shipment of fuel, Kaz decides that he needs to find out why they are there. Of course, Neeku hears Kaz saying that. Well Neeku being Neeku takes it upon himself to ask the First Order why are they here. After being told by the First Order that they are not authorized to be there Kaz sneaks into the Ace’s tower to see what they are up to. Kaz comes up with the idea of putting a commlink on a droid going into the room where Doza and the First Order are meeting. Everything seems to be working fine as Kaz is able to hear the meeting as it is happening. He hears how Doza is not only dealing with the First Order, but he also is working with the criminal underworld. Could we see more of the underworld in the Resistance?

Kaz about caught by the First Order


After the meeting ends the First order leaves the room and Kaz is able to hide behind a wall to go unnoticed. But, that didn’t last long. As the First Order was walking down the hall the droid also left the room with the commlink still with it. Well Kaz not thinking did not turn his off so when the droid got near him it caused feedback on the comms that the First Order heard and the saw him. Kaz was able to run away and found a door he was able to open and hide in.

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