Resistance Episode 5 Gets Up Close and Personal with The First Order


Torra Doza and BB-8 save the day


The room that that Kaz was able to hide in was that of Captain Doza’s daughter Torra Doza. You might remember her as the racer Kaz picked out to race against in the premiere. Well at first, she thinks Kaz is there because he likes her but then realizes that the First Order is after him. She lets him out her window but the First Order is right on his tail again. As Kaz is trying to escape the blasters from the Stormtroopers everyone is watching from Aunt Z’s bar cheering and taking bets if Kaz would make it. It seems like the end is near for Kaz. But, then another door opens for him and there on the other side is BB-8.

Did Kaz blow his cover?

After Kaz got away Major Vonreg confronts Doza about him. Luckily for Kaz, Torra tells them that he was visiting her and got lost in the tower. Has Kaz’s cover been blown? There a good chance especially with a group watching everything go down from Aunt Z’s bar. The episode ended with Captain Doza staring at a picture of Kaz on his computer screen wondering who he is. How will this affect Kaz as the Resistance goes on? The way things are going it is only a mater of time until someone figures out why Kaz is there. Also, how soon if one if not all of Kaz’s teammates are hurt by all this?

(But this episode isn’t all about Kaz….)