Resistance Episode 5 Gets Up Close and Personal with The First Order


Tam Ryvora’s backstory in the Resistance


This episode of the Resistance wasn’t all about Kaz. We get to learn a little more about Tam Ryvora and her past. We already knew that she has had about enough of Kaz’s mistakes and always questions him. She also views the Fireball as her’s and takes pride in her work as the senior mechanic.  An Ace named Hyoe Fazon shows up and there is great tension between Tam and him. It turns out that Tam and him use to be friends. She felt that he turned his back on her when he became an Ace. We also learn about her time on the Colossus her dreams and goals.

Overall this has been one of the best Resistance episodes yet. You get to see Kaz getting more into his role as a spy and tension involving the First Order. The animation looked really good especially when the ships were flying through the clouds and rain. It was also nice seeing other charters pulled into the story and wonder what impact they will have.

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