10. Ultron

A lot was squeezed into Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a casualty of that may have been a less than fully flushed out Ultron. Still, the pieces are there. Ultron is a lot smarter than us and after absorbing a massive amount of information, he recognizes that humankind is little more than a short-lived scourge of war and hatred on an otherwise beautiful planet.

Who are we to say we deserve our domination? Why not start over and give a better civilization a shot? Honestly… I kinda get it. And this theme of imperialism plays beautifully into an exploration of the Avenger’s (and America’s) role on the world stage.

9. Ego

“Let’s take over the world!” Classic villain, though Ego’s issues all stem from alienation, which is something many can relate to. We all want to think our lives are meaningful. So imagine watching everyone you care about live and love only to die, again and again and again. You’d become hardened. You’d question what life even is, eventually seeing all others as insignificant ants in a hive.

All you’d have is yourself… and that means looking for a greater purpose or going insane. Rough. And of course, we can relate to Star-Lord, who struggles with the same selfish paternal issues many of us do. Only, ya know… without the demi-godness.