6. Vulture

With Sony having wasted used so many villains already, finding a new interesting one was a bit of a tall order for Marvel when they finally took the reins of their prized character. For most, the elderly and goofy Vulture was not even part of the discussion. But hats off… they succeeded in making him super cool, while also making him one of the most relatable and relevant villains in history.

Toomes isn’t a bad dude, he’s a regular working class guy. After years of getting stepped on by the man, we get where he’s coming from and it’s the kind of frustration many in this nation can relate to, especially given the political climate of today.

5. Alexander Pierce

Though the film is called the Winter Soldier, Bucky is simply a puppet of Alexander Pierce, and even Pierce is beholden to a powerful web of government officials whose ambitions are concealed from everyday people, just like in real life. What if this lack of accountability led to a massive breach of power? What if that power was less than benevolent?

Conspiracies are scary because corruption of power has been prevalent throughout history and there is so much that goes on that we simply can’t know. The scariest thing about Pierce is that his collectivist ideas are bigger than just himself. Cut one down, two more could take his place…