Episode IX is yet forever and a day away.  Okay, so 13 months – same diff.  Rumor has it that this will indeed be the end of the saga films and by definition – the Skywalker story.  Rumors are rumors, but given current attitudes and happenings, this rumor seems a pretty safe bet.  While there is so much new stuff out there to use and create with, there is a lot that will be coming to a close.  I do not think we realize how big some of these things actually are to us.  Some of these are icons that will never be seen again.  Here are 7 things that may be gone forever once the saga closes.

#7 – R2-D2 & C-3PO

NO ONE! has been in more films than these two.  They have been in 10/11 Star Wars films including ep IX.  Their streak ended with Solo.  Many times, it has been said that these films in a lot of ways was more about these two droids than anything else.

For the most part they have been a very easy fit into every film up to this point.  3PO was always the easiest to use as you plug him into the political side of the story, usually next to Leia.  R2 on the other hand is getting stretched thin.  BB-8 is a cool little droid and a nice add to the sequel movies, but he has essentially shoved R2 into the background.  Without Luke flying around, he just doesn’t have much use.  In fact, his quick scene in The Last Jedi with Luke was his only minutes of the whole film.

Their usefulness is about spent, but at the same time what will future films be without either of these droids in them? (And no future easter eggs, like the batmobile carved into the falcon, won’t count)