I find it fairly safe to say, Nightwing will return at some point.  This title is only 29 issues old, and getting the team back together was Dick’s idea in the first place.  Unless this series goes incredibly dark by taking out the leader right away, Nightwing will be back.  The real question remains, how much must this team endure until he does?

For starter I positively love the secondary cover of this issue (shown above)!  It is a sharp look at each of the Titans in full form and has a really nice feel to it.  This should be  a poster.  It also highlights that right now, the Titans have gone to the girls.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as this is one incredible group of young ladies.

Where Are We Now

Like i said in the beginning, this is a team in a lot of trouble.  They are down their leader.  In an attempt to flee a water God of some sort, they had no chance in beating, they jump their Boom Room without proper coordinates and are now stranded on a strange world even Miss Martian knows nothing about, with no supplies to be had.

This issue does a good job showing how everyone is trying to be a team, but they are all taking the failures so personally, they are pushing themselves too hard and in the wrong directions, causing even more failures.  This issue again focuses on all the doubts and issues each of them is having.  Donna says “We’re all just idiots.  Crashing from one disaster to the next.”

M’Gann is severely hurt.  Raven is absent her “soul-self” and thinks with the emotionless views of a computer – no feelings at all.  Steel is blaming herself for the crash, for not having the Boom Room ready to go or being able to salvage the crash.


The team is trying to hold it together.  Donna is actually being a solid leader.  She has a very nice scene with Steel in the Boom Room where she does a good job picking up Steel’s confidence somewhat.  It is enough to get Steel focused in on an idea that might get them off this planet.  Of course that’s when everything falls apart.


Garfield returns, having lost absolutely all control, and rages against the Boom Room and everyone around it, stronger than anyone has seen.  The biggest problem with Garth’s rage is that it causes someone else to lose control.  Miss M goes full M! So much for the camp.

I am really liking this series and each issue.  It doesn’t spend a lot of time on each character, but it does make sure each one is included and shows us what each is going through.  For this team to survive, they not only need to work together, but figure out how to master themselves as well.  This is a very solid character driven story so far.  I look forward to where each of these characters will go, and what shape they will be in when Nightwing returns.